Operational Weather Forecasts for Eastern U.S.

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WxRisk.com provides several different operational whether forecasts for the Eastern U.S. aimed at providing weather information to assist the general public, businesses and organizations whose operations are impacted by significant weather events.

We offer a variety of subscription services that provide specific and accurate weather forecasts for your operational needs. These include:

  • short and long-term forecasts
  • seasonal outlooks
  • snow removal
  • ski forecasts
  • hurricane forecasts and discussions

Our decades of long-range forecasting in the grain markets provides us with the unique experience and ability to also produce accurate, extended operational forecasts in week #2 and week #3-time intervals.

WxRisk.com Three Weeks Newsletter

Our newsletter provides weather information for the next 3 weeks for the Middle Atlantic Region and the Eastern U.S. This exclusive newsletter consists of maps and forecasts for each day of the week for the next 3 weeks covering the eastern third of the country with a special focus on the Middle Atlantic.

Our 3-week newsletter is oriented towards the general public to help plan and anticipate weather conditions for weekends throughout the year.

Please note our newsletter  is a recurring subscription and will automatically renew, until you cancel your subscription prior to your renewal date. To cancel, simply log into your account on our website and cancel your subscription.

Mid Atlantic Operational Forecast

The Middle Atlantic Operational Forecast includes coverage for the next two weeks. It is an all-purpose forecast that covers:

  • West Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Delaware

It provides detailed and comprehensive weather information on a regular basis several times a week. Our forecasts offer a heavy emphasis on sunshine vs clouds, precipitation amounts, precipitation start times, intensity and dew points.

Our Mid Atlantic Operational Forecasts cover 12 zones, which are specific areas of each state within the mid-Atlantic. Find the best zone for your area of interest below.

Zone 1: Western North Carolina
Zone 2: Southwest North Carolina/ Charlotte metro
Zone 3: Central North Carolina/ Raleigh
Zone 4: Eastern North Carolina/ Southeast Virginia
Zone 5: Southwest Virginia
Zone 6: Virginia North Carolina Border
Zone 7: Eastern West Virginia
Zone 8: Shenandoah Valley
Zone 9: Virginia, Maryland, Piedmont
Zone 10: Central/Eastern Virginia, Richmond metro
Zone 11: DC/Baltimore metro
Zone 12: Delmarva

Weather Notification Service (WNS)

WxRisk.com offers a Weather Notification System (WNS), which provides detailed important critical information about moderate, significant or major weather events that has the potential to have serious impact somewhere in the eastern half of the CONUS over the next 7 days.

When our weather experts at WxRisk.com see the threat of moderate, significant or major inclement weather conditions over the next 7 days, a WNS alert is issued.
These weather conditions include:

  • rain
  • snow
  • ice
  • high winds
  • prolonged heat
  • prolonged rain
  • extreme cold
  • drought
  • flooding

The information within the WNS is designed to be informative while accessible. It provides detailed alerts about the upcoming weather but doesn’t overwhelm the user with a lot of obscure meteorology terminology.  Our goal is to provide with the important weather forecasts you need, whenever you need it.

The WNS  Statements  are issued whenever there is a threat of any kind if significant weather that might impact business operations and Logistics within the next seven days. During the times of tranquil weather, the WNS forecasts are not updated.

Snow Removal Forecast

When you live in a colder region, snow is one of your biggest concerns. That’s why WxRisk.com offers a snow removal forecast service designed specifically for snow removal operations.
In order to stay ahead of the chilly and damaging weather, our first reports are issued 72-84 hours before accumulating snow is expected to begin in a designated area. Your report will have the latest and most comprehensive detailed information regarding the actual forecast for accumulating snow as well as the potential for mix precipitation or change over to rain or ice.

It also includes many other pieces of important information such as:

  • Start times
  • Ending times
  • Main snow period
  • Best case and worst-case scenarios

The snow removal forecast is issued when the threat of an accumulating snow exists for your areas of concern. Snow removal reports are used by those who engage in the removal of snowy commercially or privately on large-scale and small-scale. Our goal is to help you pan your operation ahead of time. With our advanced reports, you’ll spend less time guessing and more time getting the job done.


When you need instant updates for inclement weather for the next day, WxRisk.com offers an easy solution. Our  AUDIO Weather alerts are updated whenever there is current or impending inclement weather during the next 36 hours.   These efficient weather updates offer important information for the next 36 hours, but only when there is a significant weather event underway. Rather than worrying about tomorrow, you can get the latest weather reports at your fingertips.

You can access the reports online through your subscriptions. When the weather is tranquil and calm, this product is not updated.

30 Day Forecast for Eastern U.S.

This forecast provides a comprehensive outlook for weather conditions east of the Mississippi River for the next 4 weeks. It is used by various weather businesses and organizations that have a need for extended planning (Farming, Construction, resorts, etc.).

Included are weekly temperature and precipitation maps for the eastern half of the country broken down by five different categories:

  • Much Above Normal
  • Above Normal
  • Normal
  • Below Normal
  • Much Below Normal

This 30-day forecast report also includes detailed explanations about why and how current weather patterns are evolving and changing and what the latest trends are. This way, you can be informed about the weather happening on the east coast, planning for whatever your business needs.

Hurricane Forecast

Hurricane season is stressful for anyone living near the coasts. When you need more than just models and predictions, you need WxRisk.com.

Our Hurricane forecasts are unique in that they don’t just present the various hurricane models, but also describe the upper air patterns which drive hurricanes across the Atlantic into the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, as well as the East Coast.

We also present alternate scenarios along with the probabilities, giving every option possible. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information about these natural disasters so you can plan for your facility, company or organization.

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