Quality Weather Forecast Subscriptions

My contracting company has depended on WXrisk for the past 5 snow seasons or so. He is the most accurate forecaster that I’ve ever seen. Makes us look good and helps us maximize our assets. Recommend to everyone

Josh Goff

I have been a subscriber of DT for the last decade. DT is very passionate about the science of weather and his forecasts. He has a unique ability to see which model is likely to be the right model to go with. He also has great long term research of weather trends and has a great track record. DT is not right all the time, but when something does not work out the way he expected he is fast to change his forecast and explain why he is making the change. I also like the fact that DT does not trade so I think he is never prejudiced in his forecasts to support a market position.

Alan Kluis

An EXCELLENT science based source for weather forecasts! I Subscribe to his weather service forecasts and highly recommend it to farmers and fishermen and anyone else that works outside or depends on timely weather forecasts!

Tommy Leggett

Such accurate predictions!! This is my go to for updates on weather. Thank you so much for all you do!

Jennifer Lelaidier

SO accurate. The only person I trust with snowfall. Period.

Stephen Condra Sykes

Absolutely the most reliable and informative forecasts for weather in the U.S. Not meant for the easily offended or those seeking weather info outside their window – tv Mets can do that. It is a discussion on models and tools used to look at long range forecasts and compare them to get the most accurate picture of what will come.

Tami Jackson Wyrick

I’ve been a fan since nearly the beginning and most of my local friend’s list is here. I had just moved to obx the week before Florence 2018 started tracking across the Atlantic and all major news were saying we’d be hit. Friends and family harassed us horribly for a week, convinced we were going to die for not evacuating, but DT had been saying all along there was no way it was hitting us and I went with that. And it didn’t. Thanks!

Sherr Bear

Unmatched, scientific forecasts that aren’t for the faint of heart. They are as accurate and truthful as the data allows for and I, for one appreciate that level of transparency. Keep up the great work!

Alex J. McLaughlin

WxRisk.com  grain trading forecasts alert you to weather changes before the others and explain why when making the forecasts and various outcomes.  In times of uncertainty, this allows me to adjust my tradings positions.

Raymond Fitzpatrick

I have been a client of WxRisk.com for over 10 years and have found their short and long term weather forecasts and insights extremely valuable in my day to day farming operation.  I continue to trust Dave for many decisions I make in the spring and fall.

Dan Curtis

I’m a former JSOC Special Operator and retired 25yr ATCS @ ZDC.

Mark Hughes